Oklahoma deserves better.Jo Anna Dossettfor State Senate

Oklahoma deserves better.Jo Anna Dossettfor State Senate

Why I’m Running

I am running to represent Senate District 35 for one reason: our future.

For the last fifteen years, I’ve been building the future of our state, from an Oklahoma public school classroom. I didn’t become a teacher so I could run for office. None of us did. But after fifteen years, I see clearly that my educator’s voice belongs on the floor of the Oklahoma State Senate, alongside those who are bravely resisting continued efforts to defund public education, and neglect our other essential core services.

At nearly 3,000 emergency teaching certificates issued for the 2018-19 academic year, our state’s teacher exodus is on. At the same time, core services like health care, DHS, and oversight agencies grapple with devastating shortages after years of dramatic cuts.

Since the first time I said, “enough”, took a deep breath, and knocked a voter’s door four years ago, I haven’t stopped. Thousands of doors later, I’m taking my fight to my own senate district; for our schools, for our core services, and for our future.

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